Which port should I go though from Hong Kong to Mainland China?

Most of our routes go through Shenzhen Bay port which offers co-located immigration that enhance cross border efficiency. Meanwhile, we have some routes via Zhuhai (Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge),  Huanggang or Sha Tau Kok port to cater different passengers need.

What happens if typhoon signal No. 8 or Black Rainstorm signal is hoisted?

We would decide to continue service according to the situation of roads. For any queries in the occasion, please contact our customer service hotline.
Trans-island Chinalink hotlines: (HK) (852) 2979 8778 , (China)400-6123148 or (China)400-8822322.


Is there any left luggage service available at the boarding points?

Our Sheung Wan ticketing centre provides free luggage keeping service. Passengers can leave their luggage there temporary after purchase of tickets. Please get back the luggage before aboard.


Is there any discount for roundtrip tickets?

To show our appreciation for passengers' support, there is special discount offered to roundtrip tickets (Roundtrip ticket include a single trip ticket from Hong Kong to mainland and a single trip ticket from Mainland to Hong Kong); allowing more affordable prices for travelling between Hong Kong and Mainland China.


Do I need to carry the luggage at immigration? Will I be travelling on the same bus after immigration?

Passengers must carry all personal belongings and luggage at immigration. According to operation, passengers may need to board another bus after immigration. Appropriate management of operation would minimize waiting time at ports.


Is advance booking available?

Advance booking of up to 45 calendar days is available. In the occasion of public holiday and festival, service frequency may be adjusted on demand, advance booking schedule might also be adjusted.


Other than your ticketing centre, shall I purchase cross border ticket from travel agency?

For customer convenience, we have authorized franchisees offering ticket selling on some of our routes including China Travel Service (HK) Limited, Hong Thai Travel Service Ltd., Gray Line Tours, YMT Travel, etc. 
You can reach out to the above authorized franchisees for more details directly.


May I get on or alight anywhere instead of the boarding / alighting points?

For safety reason, passengers must get on / alight of the bus from our boarding / alighting points. Passengers can choose to get off at a station near their destination.


Is there any bus from Shenzhen Bay port to HK? Where can I get the ticket?

We have variety choice of routes from Shenzhen Bay port to different spots of Hong Kong.
You can get the ticket via our website: https://www.chinalink.hk/ or go in person to our retail shops.
You can locate our retail address through
You can also get the ticket directly at the port. We have authorized franchisee S.T. Travel Service Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen Bay port ticketing centre) there.

How can I do if I spend more time in cross border / checking and missed the bus?

To ensure the bus schedule on time, there is maximum waiting time at Shenzhen Bay port boarding point for 20 minutes. If passenger missed the original bus schedule due to cross border processing issue, passenger can get on our next bus (provided that there is seat available) or through other travelling agency at your own expense. We are not liable for the cost involved.


I have open ticket, may I use it on my Zhuhai or Macau journey?

Sorry, cannot. Due to different routine, ticket for Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and Shenzhen Bay port cannot interoperable.


I lost my stuff. How should I do?

Pls contact our customer service representative and provide your journey details
including ticket number, aboard / alight date & time, license plate number or driver characteristics, characteristics of missing stuff/baggage, contact information, etc.
Trans-island Chinalink hotlines: (HK) (852) 2979 8778


I have to take flight from Shenzhen airport, when should I take the shuttle bus so as to catch the flight?

Shenzhen airport authority recommended passenger arrive there 2 hours before the plane departure.
There, in normal case, our passenger is suggested to get aboard the bus 4 hours before the flight departure. While in the occasion of public holiday and festival, it is suggested to arrive our boarding point a bit earlier from 4.5 to 5 hours before the plane departure.


I possess Open ticket, shall I aboard directly at the boarding point? Should I reserve a seat first?

For Open ticket holder, please reach out to us for seat reservation as early as possible as seat arrangement on first come first serve basis. Reservation for a specific route/time will stop once the bus is full. Besides, upon reserved, the ticket cannot be changed/amended. Please arrive the boarding point 15 minutes before the bus department. The ticket will be void for any absence.

Trans-island Chinalink hotlines: (HK) (852) 2979 8778
(China) 400-6123148(China) 400-8822322
1. No reservation of seat is needed from Shenzhen Bay port and Shenzhen airport to Hong Kong.
2. Some of the routes are not suitable for Open ticket in special occasion and is subject to our final arrangement.


Should I follow the number of seat reserved?

The Hong Kong section of our cross border service is not needed to be seated with the seat number reserved but the China section is need to be seated according to the seat number on the ticket.
Besides, in order to provide passenger with smooth journey, in the occasion of public holiday and festival, we might arrange passenger aboard on first arrive first leave basis. Therefore, passenger might not follow the seat reserved. We are sorry for any inconvenient caused.


Can I refund or amend my ticket?

In normal case, our ticket cannot be refund, exceptional case will be treated for special reasons such as the hoist of Typhoon 8 number signal or above, Black rainstorm or other weather reasons that lead to road blocked.
If passenger have any special issue, ticket can be amended 3 days before the bus schedule (not including the scheduled day). If the price for the amended ticket is higher, passenger have to pay for the difference. If the amended ticket price is cheaper, there is no refund available.
Remarks: This rule is not applied to Hong Kong-Macao Express.


How many luggage can I bring aboard? Is there any restriction?

Every passenger can carry one piece of luggage for free. Regarding the size and the weight requirement, please refer to our "Directions and Rules for Passengers" on the website.
We reserve the right to refuse delivery for overweight, oversized luggage or carrying dangerous goods (flammable, explosive, highly corrosive, offensive, etc., animal and livestock and other items prohibited by the customs).
For the overweight or oversized luggage agreed to put aboard, we have the right to have passenger to purchase additional luggage ticket. For details, please refer to "Directions and Rules for Passengers".


Shall I carry bicycle or baby & kids stroller aboard?

If passenger need to carry luggage with irregular shape, please obtain the consent of our staff before collect the ticket. Bicycle or baby & kids stroller must be folded. Oversized luggage is required to have an additional luggage ticket.
We reserve the right to allow or refuse the luggage for carry aboard base on actual space of the bus.


I buy the ticket online, should I exchange to a physical ticket? Shall I get on the bus with present of the online record directly?

Passenger is required to arrive the station 15 minutes before the bus departure and present the online record and valid travelling document (such as pass/ID/driver's license/passport, etc.) to redeem for a ticket. Once the ticket is printed, passenger must present with it aboard.


I lost my ticket, can I get another one with free of charges?

Please keep your ticket safely. In any case of lost of ticket, passenger is required to purchase for a new one.

If I missed my bus schedule, shall I get on the next one?

Passenger must follow the bus schedule printed on the ticket. Arrive the pick up point 15 minutes before the department time. There is no refund for any absence.

How old that children should buy a ticket?

Normally, children under age of 3 is free of charges. Some of our routes have discount offered to children age in 3 to 5 and elderly over 65. We reserve the right to request the presentation of passenger's identity card to prove that the age is match with the ticket requirement.

How many seat available for your bus? Shall I choose for a seat?

The number of seats of our bus fleet is mainly 49.  In normal cases, the seat will be allocated in sequential order. Random seat arrangement might be in occasion. We might have temporary adjustments according to the operation situation.

Shall I get on the bus first then buy a ticket at the scene?

To ensure there is seat available, customer is suggested to get a ticket in advance and arrive the boarding point 15 minutes before the bus departure. Passenger can also queue up at the station and purchase ticket if there is seat available.



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